• Amtrak Management Trainee Program

    Management Trainee Program

    Are you a college graduate looking for a chance to work in the railroad industry? The Amtrak Management Trainee program offers a unique opportunity to gain a broad perspective and valuable experience in a series of rotation assignments throughout Amtrak.

Management Trainee Program

Are you a college graduate looking for a chance to work in the railroad industry? The Amtrak Management Trainee program offers a unique opportunity to gain a broad perspective and valuable experience in a series of rotation assignments throughout Amtrak.

About the program

Amtrak’s Management Trainee Program is designed to develop Amtrak’s future leaders. This competitive and comprehensive program includes the highest quality classroom training, multiple facility visits, extensive hands-on training in the field, cross-functional assignments and rotations, first-hand interactions with Amtrak’s top Executives, and more. At the completion of this program, all Amtrak Management Trainee Program graduates will be promoted into a Management role within Amtrak. Three program concentrations are currently available in Transportation, Mechanical, and Engineering.

Program structure

First Six Weeks: The first 6 weeks serve as an introduction to Amtrak Operations and individuals. Management Trainees meet with numerous senior leaders of the company. Management Trainees and the Program Manager travel across Amtrak routes, visiting different offices, stations, Mechanical Shops and field sites allowing the Trainees their first broad exposure to the organization.

Next Six Months: Upon conclusion of the first six weeks with the company, the Program will then consist of classroom training at our state-of-the-art training facility located in Wilmington, DE, as well as on-site operational training across multiple Amtrak locations.

Months 6 – 18/24: The duration of the program may include multiple assignments consisting of basic cross functional and advanced rotations with field mentors. Management Trainees will gain knowledge and understanding of other departments within Amtrak. Assignments are selected for each management trainee based on previous experience and business needs.

Assignments for Management Trainees include:


  • Assistant General Foreman – Oversee mechanical work associated with Amtrak’s Acela, Northeast Regional and Long-Distance trains by working in our mechanical facilities. Work with our mechanical teams maintaining trains for strong, reliable performance on the railroad.
  • Service Engineer – Diagnoses causes of malfunctions across all rolling stock systems to properly troubleshoot technical issues. Works alongside Mechanical forces to correct failures and helps design long-term solutions within Rolling Stock Engineering.
  • Mechanical or Electrical Engineer – Systematically researches problems, analyzes failures for root causes, and designs solutions while distinguishing between routine troubleshooting and genuine systemic problems. Works with Mechanical forces to troubleshoot problems and implement design changes system wide.


  • Assistant Manager of Train Operations – Join our Control Center responsible for managing train movement on the Northeast Corridor. Work with our train dispatchers to assure the safe movement and scheduling of trains on the Corridor.
  • Assistant Station Manager – Oversee station operations to assure a safe and enjoyable customer experience. Coordinate station functions, such as Ticketing, Baggage, Red Cap Service and the Acela Lounge to make travel seamless for our customers.
  • Assistant Trainmaster – Work as part of our Road Operations Department managing Conductors as they safely operate trains throughout the country. Trainmasters work closely with our Engineering Staff to assure trains run safely and according to FRA guidelines.
  • Assistant Crew Base Manager – Manage Conductors, Onboard Services staff, and Engineers before, between and after shifts as they gather in the Crew Base for breaks, reporting, and obtaining new information relevant to their jobs.
  • Assistant Onboard Services Manager- Work onboard our trains to service customers' needs as they travel throughout the Northeast Corridor or across the country. Our onboard crews meet, greet and service our customers to create the ultimate travel experience.


  • Engineering: Engineer C&S, CETC – Work to support the Amtrak Train and Electrification Control (AMTEC) system by updating the track model software design and configuration work supporting new interlocking construction and reconfiguration of existing interlockings, as well as similar technical work to support the expansion of the AMTEC train dispatching system to improve train control functionality across the Northeast and Southeast Divisions. (Computer Engineering or Computer Science)
  • Engineer C&S, Communications – Work with senior staff to review various in-house and third-party construction designs and projects to verify compliance with Corporate and industry standards and that there is no conflict with railroad infrastructure or train operations. Assist management and agreement staff with maintenance and construction of various RF, Telecom and IP Network systems and ensure that the work complies with all Amtrak, industry and regulatory requirements. Create and update technical documents and maintenance records. (Computer, Electrical, Network Engineering or Computer Science)
  • Engineer C&S, PTC – The ACSES Engineer will coordinate all field activities involving vendors and Amtrak forces and provide technical support to Amtrak construction forces. This individual will be responsible to see that ACSES system and equipment specifications are implemented in the field and will create As-Built documents from the completed work. Additionally, he/she will be responsible for training Amtrak force account, maintenance, system monitoring, database maintenance and system troubleshooting and interaction with division management. (Computer, Electrical, Network Engineering or Computer Science)
  • Engineer C&S, Signals – Work to support both the C&S System Engineering and C&S Divisional Offices. The primary C&S System Engineering responsibilities includes CADD operations (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) for new C&S Designs. The primary C&S Divisional Group responsibilities include supporting all efforts for the daily operation, maintenance and repairs of the signal system, ensuring compliance with all FRA and Amtrak standards. (Computer, Electrical, Network Engineering or Computer Science)
  • Engineer, Track – Assist with tasks related to maintenance standards, FRA compliance, track survey and design, rail defect testing, vegetation control, and project management.
  • Engineer, Track Geometry – Create annual high-speed surfacing scope of work using Surfacing Score; perform repeat geometry exception analysis; communicate and coordinate high speed surfacing work with Divisions and Production; track completed surfacing work; analyze track geometry data
  • Engineer, Structures – Assist with tasks related to maintenance standards, FRA compliance, bridge inspections, field survey and design, managing maintenance work groups, and project management.
  • Construction Engineer – Assist in field survey and design, manage work groups and/or contractors, oversee construction and project management

Placements at the conclusion of the program are dependent on business need as well as the Management Trainee’s skillset and qualifications

Meet our Management Trainees

Mickey is a recent graduate of The College of New Jersey, majoring in Civil Engineering with a minor in Physics. He started his career at Amtrak as an intern in the Engineering Track Department in Philadelphia in 2017, and was later hired full-time as a Management Trainee in the June 2018 class.

Meet Mickey

Andrew is a 2017 graduate of Penn State Altoona’s Rail Transportation Engineering program. He started his career in the railroad industry with internships at both Norfolk Southern and Amtrak, and was later hired by Amtrak full-time as a Management Trainee for the June 2018 class. 

Meet Andrew