Amtrak Veteran's Locomotives

The Amtrak Veteran’s Locomotives serve as a company-wide tribute to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. They feature a patriotic paint scheme which includes military service ribbons, given to distinguish a highlight of a service member’s career. 

There are currently four locomotives painted in this honorary scheme:

  • Amtrak 42: a diesel GE Genesis P42 locomotive, which serves as the backbone of the Amtrak fleet, and is used in a variety of passenger services. This locomotive can be found on Amtrak's long distance services across the country, and has been dedicated to Joseph Boardman, former President and CEO of Amtrak, and Air Force veteran.
  • Amtrak 642: an electric Siemens ACS-64 locomotive, this unit can be found operating along Amtrak's Northeast Corridor (NEC)
  • Amtrak 90208: an NPCU (Non-Powered Control Unit), this former EMD F40PH locomotive had its prime mover and traction motors removed and replaced with a compartment to carry passenger baggage. When paired with an operating locomotive the NPCU's control stand allows locomotive engineers to operate the train from either end, allowing quicker turnarounds without the use of a wye. 90208 is based out of Los Angeles, California.
  • Amtrak 90221: another NPCU, this unit is based out of Chicago, Illinois.